Ticketless Parking

Ticketless Parking is now available at Greenway Wetherill Park!

Ticketless Parking provides Greenway customers the convenient option to park at the centre with ease. Ticketless parking takes away the need for a ticket with the latest in license plate technology, allowing customers to enter and exit the car park quickly.

How does it work?

The ticketless parking system will use License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology to make your entry and exit as seamless as possible.

Upon exiting the car park, ensure you are under 3-hours and the boom gate will automatically register your number plate and open.

If you have exceeded the 3-hour free parking limit, simply drive straight to the car park exit. The LPR technology used at the entrance calculates your length of stay and provides you with a fee for parking, where you can simply pay via your credit/debit card and gain exit from the car park.


Customers will receive their first 3 hours parking FREE, with the following rates applying thereafter:

HOURS RATE (Monday to Sunday)
0 – 3.0 FREE
3.0 – 4.0 $5.00
4.0 – 5.0 $15.00
5.0 – 6.0 $25.00
6 hours + $40.00

**Parking is FREE if you enter the car park after 6:00pm and leave before midnight.


Why is ticketless parking being introduced at Greenway Wetherill Park?
We have introduced the new parking system in response to feedback from our customers, who have told us the car park at Greenway Wetherill Park is always congested. Ticketless Parking offers quick, easy, and convenient parking for our customers, as well as increasing turnover of available parking spaces.
• Can I park for free multiple times per day?
If you exit Greenway and want to return on the same day, there needs to be 3 hours between your exit and return to receive another three hours free. This policy is to prevent misuse and give every visitor a fair-go at finding an available parking space.
• What if I am a senior customer?
We value our senior customers who visit the centre frequently. Seniors will be able to get a 4th hour free while visiting Greenway. Our senior customers will be required to register at our Centre Management Office.
• I have a mobility parking permit. Will parking fees apply?
Customers with a mobility parking permit receive free parking upon registration of the permit at our Centre Management Office. This registration will last until the expiry of the mobility parking permit.
• What should I do if I need assistance at the exit gate?
Please press the intercom HELP button on the exit gate and a member of our team will assist you.
• How do I pay for parking if I have exceeded the 3-hour free parking limit?
You can pay upon exit of the car park, by credit/debit card only.
• I work at Greenway Wetherill Park, where do I park?
Staff must park in the designated staff parking areas, which staff can access free of charge.
• I ride a motorcycle. Will I need to pay for parking?
Motorcycles are charged the same parking rates as vehicles. Motorcycles are not permitted to park on any footpaths, walkways or in front of entry/exit doors. Motorcycles that are parked illegally may be towed.

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